Cowboy Dressage® World South Carolina


Welcome to Cowboy Dressage® World South Carolina. We are looking forward to meeting you as we have different gatherings.

If you would like to receive updated news, and newsletters, please let us know your email so we may contact you directly. Include your name and location, city and state. Yes, we will continue to post on FB but I know some of you would rather receive emails. Our email address,

UPDATE ~ Sept 3rd, 2021:

We do not, currently, have a CDW Ambassador or Handshake member from South Carolina to manage the website and the FB page.  If you are interested please contact myself at, or Deb and Eitan Beth-Halachmy, eitanndeb@gmailcom,  for more information.

Talk with you soon,

Marion Dahlgren, CDW Ambassador

​Galax, Virginia